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What We Offer

What We Offer

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BigBreaker Algo


Bounce Areas


Bounce Areas Algo and Indicator  to scalp futures market.

Give it a try on 5 sec NQ chart with 30/30 SL/TP

Short demo of indicator

Short demo of the algo

Current Version 1.3


Bounce Trader


Features of Bounce Trader

  • Works with NinjaTrader platform
  • Lifetime license
  • Seamlessly integrates with your ATM Strategy
  • Fast executions
  • Controls risk by placing SL to previous bar high / low
  • Designed to work with Ninza Renko bars but also works with other type bars

All Sales are final


Bounce Trading Strategy


Features of Bounce Trading System

  • Contemporary and usable in 2023 markets
  • Works only with NinjaTrader 8 platform
  • 2 lifetime licenses of Bounce Trader
  • Course includes over 30 lessons and over 8 different scalping strategies to use
  • Works on any market
  • Average duration of a scalp trade is 25 seconds
  • * Algo strategy is in works..

All Sales are final




Bounce Combo Algo

Bounce Combo is a combination of 4 working strategies in a single strategy

  • Breakout Strategy
  • 34B – Bounce from EMA strategy
  • 89B – Bounce from EMA strategy
  • Imbalance Strategy – open on newly formed imbalance(FVG)
  • Custom BounceBars + Price levels
  • Strategy Templates provided
  • Free to try out 14 days and free upgrades (download free trial here)

demo video


Custom Ninjascript Programming

EMA Bounce Strategy Algo

EMA Bounce Strategy


EMA Bounce Strategy uses two EMA and a price action. Select an additional EMA as a filter for your two main EMAs

EMA Crossover strategy – enter when emas cross over

Uses fixed, dynamic or parabolic stop loss to trail orders.

Backtesting page

Trading rules:

Make sure prices are in uptrend or downtrend and we do so with two EMAs.

Make sure candle touches slow ema and closes above fast ema

Trail your order for maximum returns


Free Trials


Imbalance Indicator


Plot Imbalances (FVGs) from higher time frame

Works only with Ninjatrader 8

Imbalance Indicator + Chart Trader is comming soon…

You can download free trial from here

V1.2 added sound alert on New FVG



Trend Line System


Bounce Trend Line System designed to help traders to trade trendline strategies.

Key features:

  • Custom Chart Trader
  • Custom Trend line indicator
  • Custom algo

You can trade bounce or breakout with trendlines.

Quick video of Trend Line System

Unzip Trial Link first and then install assembly file

File contains

BounceTrendLineInd + TrendLineTrader in Indicators and BounceTrendLineAlgo in strategies.

Bounce Trend Line System Trial

Trend Line System Manual

XML strategy template that was used in 2 Months market replay that generated + 6000 with 1 contract

Demo Video of new version

Updated 3/27/24

Trend Magic Indicator Strategy

Trend Magic Indicator Strategy Algo


Trend Magic is a popular trend following strategy in futures markets. We go long when trendmagic line changes from red to green and we go short when line changes from green to red.

Option to select different exit strategies. You can exit based on:

  • Fixed SL and TP
  • Recent bar  high/low
  • Exit with parabolic Stop
  • Exit with Custom Trailing Stop
  • Exit with Risk/Reward
  • Exit on reverse

Trial for maximum profits. Updated version 1.4

Screenshots for one year trading



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