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Backtesting Algo Tables

Note: if there is No time selected it means no time filter is used and strategy trades around the clock which in most cases not practical. See links to find out what hours were mostly profitable and what not.

Note: 2 weeks tests run about 20 mins and they can be performed relatively fast. Longer time tests such as 2 months takes about 5 hours on VPS so those tests are fewer. All tests run by market replay.

Note: Tests run on different machine maybe different. Also it maybe that while tests ran it used unsynced or skewed data. To make sure tests run accurately we need to be rerun with refreshing data and ninjascript. These tests were not rerun for double check. Data used Apex

Note: If tests are negative it means that optimal settings were not found for that period. It doesnt nessessary disqualifies the strategy.

BR – BetterRenko bartype, NR – Ninzarenko bartype, 800t – 800 ticks

All tests are performed using market replay and data from Apex.  When special settings are used its noted in comments section. First we want to run 2 week tests sample to see what has potential to be profitable, then we run 2 months test for confirmation. 

Some algos are so versatile that it would take months to test them out fully. 

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