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Trend Line System



Bounce Trend Line System designed to help traders to trade trendline strategies.

Key features:

  • Custom Chart Trader
  • Custom Trend line indicator
  • Custom algo

You can trade bounce or breakout with trendlines.

Quick video of Trend Line System

Unzip Trial Link first and then install assembly file

File contains

BounceTrendLineInd + TrendLineTrader in Indicators and BounceTrendLineAlgo in strategies.

Bounce Trend Line System Trial

Trend Line System Manual

XML strategy template that was used in 2 Months market replay that generated + 6000 with 1 contract

Demo Video of new version

Updated 3/27/24

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Introducing the Trend Line System, a comprehensive toolkit designed for traders seeking precision, efficiency, and automation in their trading strategies. This all-in-one solution empowers traders of all levels to navigate market trends with confidence and execute trades seamlessly.

Key Features:

1. **Chart Trader**: Seamlessly integrate your trading strategy with the Chart Trader feature, allowing you to execute trades directly from trend lines plotted on your charts. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, this intuitive interface simplifies the trading process, enabling you to capitalize on market movements effortlessly.

2. **Algorithmic Testing and Autotrading**: Take your trading to the next level with our advanced algorithmic testing and autotrading capabilities. Utilize sophisticated algorithms to backtest your strategies with historical data, fine-tune parameters, and automate your trades based on predefined criteria. Save time and optimize your trading performance with precision and consistency.

3. **Trend Line Indicator**: Gain valuable insights into market trends with our powerful Trend Line Indicator. Identify key support and resistance levels, visualize trend direction, and make informed trading decisions with confidence. Whether you’re swing trading, day trading, or investing for the long term, this indispensable tool provides the clarity you need to navigate volatile markets effectively.

The Trend Line System revolutionizes the way you trade by combining advanced technology with user-friendly functionality. Whether you’re a discretionary trader looking for a competitive edge or a quantitative trader seeking automation, our comprehensive suite of tools caters to your specific needs. Stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market conditions, and unlock your full trading potential with the Trend Line System.


Bounce Trend Line System


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