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Bounce Areas



Bounce Areas Algo and Indicator  to scalp futures market.

Give it a try on 5 sec NQ chart with 30/30 SL/TP

Short demo of indicator

Short demo of the algo

Current Version 1.3

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Bounce Areas Algo to scalp futures market. Indicator included.

There are several strategies one can find with trading Bounce Area Algo

Continuation Signals

Reversal Signals

Retracement Signals

All strategies have Higher Time Frame filter(minutes)

Free Trial

Short demo of the algo

Short demo of indicator

Setup Screen we have 5 sec chart and 1 min as higher time frame chart  to filter out our trades when we need to.

Bounce Area setup screen

Trading retracements.  When you see a sudden move, a big 1 min candle close, you can consider entering on first retracement. Usually price tries to make a second move in the same direction.

Premium signal when signal is overlaping with base trend.  I have tested this strategy wiith algo and i can tell that win ratio is much higher when trend and base area overalaping.

Use Trendline Indicator to filter out trades

Trading Reversals. You can set up audio alert for reversal signal and either trade reversals or have anticipation of retracement



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