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How To Become A Funded Trader To Trade Futures

So you want to become the funded trader and start trading future? You came to the right place. We personally went through all of them that are on the market and have our review about them. We will go over Apex Trader Funding, Leeloo Trading, Bulenox and others. We would not say or recommend anything unless we are sure of what we are saying and personally have experienced with them by taking and passing their evaluation accounts and observe their road map.

A few simple words without “wall street” lingo about how prop firms work..

As a trader you sign up for their evaluation accounts you trade it and achieve profit goal. Once you achieve profit goal most of the prop firms will give you a master account to trade and from master account you will be able to withdraw your money.

There are mainly four futures funding companies that we recommend. We don’t recommend all of them because in many cases they are very identical.

The criteria we use to pick the best prop firms are below:

  • Being able to scalp. Not all prop firms are as fast to copy your trades and thus they would not allow short term scalping. Usually prop firms allow for swing and day trading for you to become the funded trader.
  • Reputable. We don’t want to spend our precious time trading just to find out that prop firm will be difficult with paying out to their traders. It happened before. We need to have a piece of mind that prop firm we work with is reliable.
  • Rules to pass and trade live accounts. Some prop firms offer ridiculous rules and make you with all probability to basically fail them. Even when you get funded you still have to obey those rules.
  • Cost of going through the evaluation and trading live accounts.
  • Growing opportunities with prop trading firm.

Number one on the list is Apex Trader Funding. Darrell Martin is the CEO of the company is great and open guy. He is open and often times holds conferences with their traders. He also owns a bootcamp and live room to help traders pass and trade their accounts. If you search for apex trader funding review you will notice they only have positive reviews.

They recently upgraded their connection server and constantly doing everything they can to help traders to reduce any hiccup’s. They already paid out millions to traders so you can be rest assured they are reliable company.

Apex Trader Funding rules are simple and actually the best among the prop firms. They don’t require scaling and dont require daily drawdown. They only require one step evaluation not multiple. And the only thing to watch for is your risk management and thats all. You are allowed to trade any scalping strategy. Their preferred platform is NinjaTrader.

The cost to trade with them is very competitive in the industry. Round Trip for one ES is 3.98 per contract. The monthly fee for trading live account is 85$ per month. We trade with apex and are very happy.

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