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how to mark your charts in ninjatrader 8

Marking your charts is essential practice for traders, espesially for scalpers like we are. For short term scalpers we cant document our feelings, support and resistance levels on every trade, because there is so many of them that we take. However marking your charts is very much needed. It is very doable and I am going to show you how.

To mark a chart in NinjaTrader, you can use the Drawing Tools that are available in the chart’s toolbar. These tools allow you to add various types of annotations to the chart, such as lines, trendlines, fibonacci retracements, and more.

To access the Drawing Tools, first make sure that the chart is in focus. Then, click on the “Draw” button in the toolbar at the top of the chart. This will open a menu with a list of available drawing tools.

First we need to dowload an additional custom indicator that allows us to mark with bigger size arrows on our charts. Default up and down arrows are small and not practical in the long run, so we need to be able to mark with bigger arrows.

Download this free ChartMarkersPlus indicator from ninjatrader ecosystem and install it in your control panel. This indicator looks like this



Next, in recent version of Ninjatrader they included “drawing tile tool” . You can learn about it here and it is availble under default indicators provided by Ninjatrader.

Next include drawing tile tool in your list of indicators and click properties. Make sure you select ArrowDownP and ArrowUpP. P stands for Plus from ChartMarkersPlus.

Now those arrows will be available in your drawing tile tool. You can add or remove elements from it very easily.

I suggest you create a template for your arrows. Double click on arrow and customize it how you want it to look like and before saving it, click template – save – name it – Save as Default.

Now everytime you click arrow to apply it to your chart, it will remember your template.

How to turn off trade executions from your chart?

      • Right click in your chart and select the menu “Properties”

      • Find the “Plot executions” parameter and change the value to “DoNotPlot”

      • Press the “OK” button

    How to remove grid lines from the chart?

        • Right click in your chart and select the menu “Properties”

        • Under Lines click on color and select transparent for horizontal and vertical grid lines

        • Press the “OK” button


      Keep in mind that the specific steps for using the Drawing Tools may vary depending on the version of NinjaTrader that you are using. You can refer to the software’s documentation or seek assistance from the NinjaTrader support team for more detailed instructions.

      Boris Tkachev
      Author: Boris Tkachev

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