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Are you looking for the best strategy to trade futures market in 2023? Do you need a strategy to pass evaluation accounts such as Apex, Leeloo, Bulenox or Topstep? Consider Bounce Method strategy for your trading.

Lets look at repeatability factor in your strategy. Repeatability is the number of times your setup occurs in your trading session.

For example, if your trading session is first hour of opening then you take your setup and calculate how many times your setup occurs during your trading session. Please don’t count setups that occur in other times where otherwise you would not take it. Only count setups during the time you actually trade. If your setup occurs on average two times in first hour then your repeatability factor is 2.

Why repeatability factor is important in your trading?

It is important because of several things:

First. More Profits. The more repeatable your strategy is, the more chance you will have to get profited. If your profitable setup occurs often, then you will get a chance to often get profited from a trade. The less your strategy is repeatable, the less chance you will have to get profited from a trade, simply because it occurs fewer times.

Secondly. More chance to fix mistakes. If your repeatability factor is high then if you make a mistake in the beginning of you session your strategy will occur enough more times to provide you with opportunity to fix your mistakes.

I mean if your setup occurs only once a day, if you made a mistake then you will have to wait until another day to try to cover for your loss. Many of us short term scalpers prefer to fix our mistakes the same day.

Lets look at repeatability factor of Bounce Method. We take MNQ and only look at first 60 minutes of opening. On average for that week we had about 15 valid setups during first 60 minutes.

Daily annotated setups for Bounce Method

I personally don’t know any other method that produces so many valid setups in each trading session. If you need to pass eval accounts, let Bounce Method be of your choice.

Boris Tkachev
Author: Boris Tkachev

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