PSAR Trading Strategy



PSAR Trading Strategy for Ninjatrader 8

Strategy gets signal from 3 PSAR and trails stop.

Some of the features:

  • Customize Individual PSAR Settings
  • Set Initial Stop Loss
  • Select Time  To Trade
  • and Select EMA As A Filter For Your Trades.

Short explainer video

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In the world of trading, strategies that provide flexibility and customization can greatly empower traders to make informed decisions. The PSAR (Parabolic SAR) Trading Strategy, with its ability to generate signals from multiple PSAR indicators and incorporate trailing stops, offers traders a versatile approach. This post will explore the key features of this strategy, including customizable PSAR settings, initial stop loss placement, time selection, and the optional use of EMA (Exponential Moving Average) as a filter for trades.

Customizable Signal Generation:

The PSAR Trading Strategy provides traders the freedom to customize the settings of individual PSAR indicators. By adjusting parameters such as the acceleration factor and maximum step, traders can fine-tune the sensitivity of the signals generated. This customization allows for greater adaptability to different market conditions and trading preferences.

Trailing Stop Implementation: To effectively manage risk and protect profits, the PSAR Trading Strategy incorporates trailing stops. As a trend progresses, the stop-loss level is automatically adjusted based on the PSAR indicator, trailing behind the price movement. This trailing stop mechanism helps lock in gains during favorable market conditions while allowing room for potential further upside.

Initial Stop Loss Placement:

Traders utilizing the PSAR Trading Strategy have the flexibility to determine the initial stop loss level based on their risk tolerance and market analysis. By setting an initial stop loss slightly above or below the most recent PSAR dot, traders can define their maximum acceptable loss for each trade.

Selective Time Frame:

The PSAR Trading Strategy allows traders to select specific time frames during which the strategy will be active. This feature is particularly valuable for traders who prefer to focus on specific trading sessions or when adapting the strategy to different market dynamics prevailing at different times.

Optional EMA Filter:

As an additional tool to enhance trading decisions, traders can choose to incorporate an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as a filter. By analyzing the relationship between the PSAR signals and the EMA, traders can seek additional confirmation before entering or exiting trades. This filter can help traders avoid potential false signals and improve overall trading accuracy.


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