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FVG Trader



Product Description: FVG Indicator and Chart Trader

FVG Indicator:

Experience real-time FVG visualization with our cutting-edge indicator.
Take advantage of multi-time frame flexibility, allowing you to display FVGs from various timeframes, such as plotting FVGs from a 5-minute chart on a 1-minute chart.
Customize your FVG representation by choosing whether to plot them over three consecutive bars or not.
Tailor your FVG visualization to your trading style by selecting whether it’s based on a closing price or a pierce-through.

Chart Trader:

Achieve automated entry points as price retraces and rebounds from FVG levels, thanks to our Chart Trader feature.
Enjoy the convenience of automatic entry when price hits a critical level (CE) and triggers an order.
Seize opportunities effortlessly as price establishes new FVG levels.
Enhance your risk management with automatic Stop Loss placement at higher or lower FVG levels.
Rest easy with built-in support for Breakeven to protect your trading gains.

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FVG Chart Trader For Ninjatrader8.

Indicator and chart trader

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